Monday, October 12, 2009

my day off

  • enjoy my morning cup of joe, perfectly cream & sugared by my hubbs, in front of the computer
  • make paper pumpkin (left), inspired by the one on the right I had found a while ago on 2peas (but don't remember exactly where)

  • start some laundry
  • bake chocolate pudding zucchini muffins
  • assemble Mom's lasagna
  • change the laundry
  • clean the kitchen 'till it sparkled*
  • more laundry
  • clean the bathroom 'till it sparkled* (except the tub...I hate doing the tub, and Cory does an excellent job, so I saved it for nice of me, right?)
  • dust & zip the vacuum around
  • quick trip to JoAnn for some fabric (for project), and Stan's hardware store for spray paint (for project)
  • gross Cory out by munching on Corn Nuts all the way home :)
  • laundry
  • work on my project...spray paint old chair I sanded & primed yesterday
  • finish painting doors of hutch we painted yesterday
  • paint exterior & trim color swatches on the house
    (yes, lots of painting...)
  • clean up garage
  • rescue poor freezing plants from outside
  • move painted hutch back into it's place in the dining room
  • quick trip to Fred Meyer for some new hinges (I already got the knobs...that was our mission when we scored the lockers a couple weeks ago)
  • return home to discover I got the wrong kind, bummer
  • dinner time
  • finish laundry
  • iron mountain of clothes while watching DWTS and pricing out new trucks just for fun :)
  • enjoy some golden oreos & chocolate milk...we switched it up!