Saturday, October 17, 2009

another saturday...

I successfully wasted my morning away sitting in front of the computer (again), with my orange & white pokladot mondo-mug of coffee (made by Cory, again), catching up on emails & my GoogleReader, and drooling over foodie blogs.
here are a few new ones I marked as fav's:
everybody likes sandwiches
sunday suppers
joy the baker
Now I'm trying to find the motivation to get outside and do something today.
Cory has been working hard to get the house painted for the past few weeks (lots of prep needed to be done). With lots of help from his mom masking off the doors and all the windows on Thursday...this is what the house looked like when I got home from work...

(notice the SNOW up on Mission Ridge already!)
Now window box trim needs to be put up & painted along with the rest of the trim on the house. That's what he'll be working today. And I'll be working on getting the rest of the garden cleaned up, and pulling more crabgrass in the back yard. Oh, and cleaning up paint chips.
And then I plan on making something delicious for dinner, and baking cookies :)
Have a great (productive) weekend!

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