Sunday, September 13, 2009


The other weekend, Cory & I had gone to one of my favorite little shops to pick up a couple of glass knobs for the new hutch. As we were walking down the street, we passed 2 bays of lockers sitting on the sidewalk outside the YWCA. You know, the square kind like you have in gym class? I wondered what their story sign, no nothin.
As we were walking back to the truck on the opposite side of the street, I spotted a sign on them. I ran across the street...$200 a piece.
Out walks the owner of the little beauties. I asked if she could go any lower with the price. $150. Sold.
They had 4 guys there to help load my new unit into the's heeaavy!
Once we got home, the challenge was to get it out of the truck and through the front door.
Insert Mr. Fisher.

The tire on the hand truck we borrowed from the shop was flat.
They made it work.

Cory is pointing out that they took out a good chunk of the black eyed susans along the front walkway. But they were just about ready to come out, and I cared waaay more about the lockers than the flowers anyway.

We got the thing over the threshold and across the floor in the entryway with no scratches, and slid it into place along the wall in the scraproom.
I had lots of reorganizing to do.

Totally worth it.

We just got home from a fun weekend.
I'm exhausted.
Slept just about the whole drive.
Of course, I have pictures to share...later.


Julie said...

I am so jealous!!! Great find :)

alissa said...

so freakin' cool! i'm super jealous!


Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with your craft room! Wow! It looks awesome! Great job and how fun that you have lockers for organizing!

Sara Blair said...

I'm SO jealous! they look AMAZING! miss you friend!