Friday, May 15, 2009

the wedding

Does anyone else feel like there is about a week of lag time between we do something, and when I actually get around to posting about it?
Sorry about that.
Tyler & Andrea's wedding last weekend was fabulous.

Here's the "SP'06"...I'm not saying what it stands for, but all were good friends growing up, and it was fun to have everyone together.
That's Dobbins, Brandon, Tyler, Cory, Fish & Chris.

Oh, and here's us. Nice tan, huh?

And there go Mr & Mrs Berge, happily married.

After they left, the groomsmen played with torches & sparklers that were used in the couple's grand exit.


We hauled the laptop with us for the weekend just so we could upload pictures from the wedding to Costco from our hotel room, and pick them up on our way to her parent's house for lunch the next day. I put the pictures in a frame we had gotten off their registry, with a bow (in her wedding colors) around it. Everyone loved it.
Too bad I didn't take a picture of my'll just have to trust me that it was the hit of the party. His mom loved it!
On our way back home, we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls. Lots of water from all the snow melt coming over those rocks.

(Photo taken by some crazy woman who literally took the camera off my wrist and insisted she take the picture. Then requested we turn the flash on, and positioned us so that the waterfall was perfectly between us...that picture turned out terribly, and I'm not sharing it.)

This weekend we have Annie & Brian & Bear coming over. They are driving over Stevens Pass as I type this.
Her cousin is getting married in Chelan tomorrow, and we are puppy-sitting. Hopefully we'll get the garden planted in the morning. Maybe. Cross your fingers. Then we'll take Bear on a little hike up Chelan Butte I think, and he can go swimming in the lake.

Alright, we've got a couple things to to before their arrival. Maybe I'll let ya'll know how the weekend goes before next Friday ;)

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tnt521 said...

Looks like a wonderful time! And you look smokin' together in the wedding photo!

Kinda' creeped out by the person taking your photo at the falls...yipes!