Thursday, May 21, 2009

social butterflies.

Annie, Brian & Bear arrived Friday night for her cousin's wedding on Saturday. They hung out for a bit Saturday morning before leaving Bear with us and heading up to Chelan.
Cory built a birdhouse (x2) reusing wood from the bottom of what used to be a shed in the back yard, and I got my little garden planted.

Then we headed up to the lake too (we all stayed at his Grandparent's place, since it was closer for them to stay up there instead of driving all the way back to Wenatchee after the wedding.)
Cory & I took Bear up Chelan Butte like we'd planned. There was no hiking like I was a 4 mile bumpy drive up a steep & windy dirt road.

At the top you could see Lake Chelan, down to Orondo, and out toward Waterville (which probably means nothing to a lot of you)...very pretty.

We live in such a beautiful place, I love this time of year.

Sunrise would be ideal for getting up there for pictures.

Sunday morning we got up and I made breakfast before getting packed up (they were going to a post-wedding brunch, then needed to hit the road back to Bellingham).
A few hours later we were on the river with Brandon & Jayme for the first boat outing of the season. Since Memorial Day is next weekend, he wanted to make sure the boat is all set to go. Here's the boys making sure the fat sacs & ballast pumps are in working order.

The 87 degree weather was nice too. So nice, Cory thought he'd go for a tow...which didn't last long with 49 degree water.

We got home, and an hour later we had Abe & Marie at our house for dinner.
Whew! Such a long weekend.
Cory called us social butterflies...when are we going to work on the house? - oh well.

Now I'm sitting here with the laptop, wishing we get a new one soon (this one is big & heavy & seems to be slowly dying). Catching up on blogs, shopping VS semi-annual sale, watching American Idol, waiting for Dancing with the Stars results finale.

**edited: I wrote all this out Tuesday night, but didn't finish the post because I needed the pictures (which were on the other computer)...hence why I haven't posted until now. I had good intentions, but our TV schedule got in the way (and I'm happy with the results from both Dancing & American Idol).
Not quite sure what we are doing this weekend. We've got several options (some more fun that others), but nothing set in stone yet.

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