Thursday, May 7, 2009

last weekend

...was a good weekend.

We had some visitors.
See our full "parking lot" for dinner Sunday night.

One of my favorite people was here too!
He loves to throw me around.

We to tricks.

It was the last weekend of the Apple Blossom Festival.
I got a corn dog with lots'a mustard, and I was happy.

No funnel cakes this year though :(

We also went wine tasting & got a tour of the cellar...pretty neat.

This weekend is another wedding, and Cory's got groomsman duties. So we'll be running all over the place, but it'll be fun.
One of Cory's friends, Fish, has had this girlfriend for several months now, and he doesn't like to talk about her or their relationship...all he says is that "girls are trouble." We finally get to meet said girlfriend. I'm a teensy bit excited!


Ann and Brian said...

yummy corn dog, i spy smart car :)

Patti H said...

my dad and little bro went to the festival!!! i didn't even put together that you lived there...i so should have gone with!!! :-)

tnt521 said...

Looks like fun lady! Though sad about the funnel cakes!

Glad you are well, and being thrown around by your bro!