Saturday, April 11, 2009

dump trailer & yard work

There is a dump trailer that one of our friend's parents have, and it really gets around. It's kind of like the "whore of dump trailers." We were finally able to get our hands on it for the weekend...and we are taking full advantage!
I came home last night, to find Cory working on loading up this pile of chippings, he just couldn't wait to get started. It is so nice to see this pile finally go, it's been here since last Memorial Day (we just had no method of removing it until now).

I guess it doesn't look that big in the photo. Trust me, it was. The top of the pile was up to about the top of the trailer, and I guess you can see the size of the footprint.

Since he was hard at work, we ate dinner a little later, and then I was passed out by 9:00...which meant no p365 updating last night, sorry folks.
Today we have a fun day of more yard work ahead of us. I'm gonna work on my garden, and he's gonna work on getting those trees from hell he fell a few weeks ago cleaned up. Here's part of that mess:

That sickly looking pine back there has gotta go too, but that's another weekend. Like our glacial boulders?...I told you we have rocks!
The goal for today is dealing with those trees, loading up other piles of debris around the yard, hopefully get the "green monster" completely gone (we've tackled about 80% of it), mow the lawn/weeds, and maybe even some irrigation.
Ok, into the yard we go! Have a good weekend.

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