Thursday, April 9, 2009

still alive and kickin.

Hey bloggers, I'm still here...just not much motivation to post anything lately. So here are some random updates for you:

I know I've been naughty on keeping that p365 thing updated over there. I've been taking my daily pictures, just not downloading them too frequently. It's also tough having 3 or 4 cameras floating around that we use (Cory is doing this project wouldn't believe how many pictures he has of me asleep on the couch - ha!) Maybe tomorrow I'll update for you.

The weather has been fabulous the past week! When I go to lunch, I don't want to go back to work. My daffodils & tulips are finally starting to sprout. They are on the north side of the house and don't see the sun, but they've been loving the warm weather also.

We did a little yard work last weekend. Worked on getting my little garden ready for planting. The list of things to do includes: garbage removal from previous renters (I swear, they had so much random stuff everywhere!), weeding (it's not too bad), boulder relocation (although some are too big and will just have to stay where they are), and irrigation installation (a good project for the hubbs). Bought some veggie seeds & sprinkler stuff today, so it's comin' along. Oh, and last weekend, I went "treasure hunting" in "the junk yard" and found this good stuff:

Found a few good things, actually. That window frame is going to be what my beans climb on. That huge power line insulator is "yard art" and I'm gonna make it a bird bath or a plant stand. The prop is more "yard art"...think pinwheel. I have no idea what I'm gonna do with that old Wenatchee World newspaper tin, but I like it. And the license plates are to add to the collection in the garage.
Maybe I'll get some more photos posted from our junk yard adventure tomorrow. Along with that p365 update...and I think it's about time for a new banner up there...and there are a buncha' other things on the to-do list too. Oh, I need to get my stuff together and prepped for the 20 hour crop (which is just a week away!)

Wow, I'm babbling.
One last thing...uber organized craft room.

Even though I would hate to dust all those little jars of embellishments, it inspires me to get my room cleaned up & organized.

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Alissa said...

LOVE your rom, M!

can't wait to see you next week! :)