Monday, February 9, 2009

it was a good weekend for yardwork

Friday night was our date night. We went to get myself a new cell phone because mine was busted. Then we wine & dined at Visconti's. And it seems like no Friday night is complete unless Michelle & Cory make an appearance at Lowe's. We were in search of a pitch fork...but ended up with a chalk line and a tube of caulking.

On Saturday we finally got this desk-thing installed in the kitchen that we've been talking about forever, and I did a little cleaning around the house. Then we headed out into the "jungle"...

Notice the HUGE juniper bush/tree in the center...we call it the "green monster" and it is probably 1/4 the size of the house!
Our goal: death!
The pile of dirt is from when we replaced the septic pipe. The trench got filled with sand, and the dirt just never got spread back over the top...and now its frozen, so really it's just frozen pile of dirt.
And then there's all that other "stuff" back there...more juniper bushes, branches, blackberry bushes, "trees from hell"...what a mess!
It was a little overwhelming with where to start because we definitely have our share of work cut out for ourselves.
Saturday Cory cut down one of those trees from hell and chopped it up, while I raked up a lot of small piles around the yard, piled random branches, fought with blackberry bushes, and stacked wood.
After a trip to the dump, we scrounged up some of the cinder blocks randomly scattered around the yard, and made ourselves a little fire pit. We got cleaned up, had some dinner, and spent the evening outside by the fire roasting marshmallows and sipping cocoa. When we saw frost starting to form on the ground, we decided it was time to come inside, and we passed out from a long day of work.

Sunday, we weren't as sore as we thought we'd be, so back into the jungle we tackle the "Green MONSTER"
Here is Cory almost getting swallowed by it.

You would not believe the carpet of pine needles under that thing!
We still have a little left to cut down, but the majority of it is gone.

We piled all the debris back in the corner {see it on the left over there}
I only have to work a half day tomorrow, and our plan for the rest of the day is to load it in a trailer and haul it away.
That's the hardest part of all to discard the debris since we can't have any burn piles {our little firepit was ok though, but it would take FOREVER to get rid of all of it that way}

Anyway, there is still lots more to do, but I feel like we are getting an idea of the lay of the land, and maybe we can come up with some type of landscaping ideas. There are a bunch of rocks back there...and we aren't talkin a bunch of small boulders, we're talkin 3' diameter glacial deposits.
oh boy...

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Jim, Amber and Landon said...

Holy crap!! Good work on the "green monster"!! We can't wait to see you soon! Much love to you both!