Wednesday, April 15, 2009

work, work, yard work.

I know you're probably getting tired of hearing about all of our yard work lately, but really, that's all we've been up to.
I am happy to announce that the Green Monster is GONE! We got the rest of it chopped down between church & Easter dinner on Sunday. Cory worked a half day on Monday getting the rest of it hauled off. Made a total of 6 trips throughout the weekend.

I took this picture before everything was just imagine all those bushy branches and root balls aren't there. I'd say it's a little improvement from the jungle we found not quite 2 years ago. The only point of reference is that AC unit on the house.

We've still got lots of work to do. One more tree to cut down, then get an excavator back there to move some of those rocks around and level everything out. Then comes the sprinkler system, and real grass & landscaping (we have a major crabgrass & weed problem right now).
Fun fun!

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Jim, Amber and Landon said...

Great job you guys!!! It looks great! We need to come see it in person sometime soon. Love ya!