Sunday, September 15, 2013


watching the computer screen, and my eyesight go from f/11 to f/1.8
drinking water, lots of water.
signing up for more and more business; feeling of awesomeness and "holy-crap!" at the same time.
teaching ourselves how to be efficient at running this photography business thing...
wearing tank tops in mid-September, it's been hot around here, kind of ready for some more fall-like weather.
eating whatever we can pull together for dinner, meals haven't been too thought-out lately.
enjoying saying good morning to the dog, who has recently claimed the guest bed (and all the bedding) as his own.
thrilled to see our images printed and in the hands of happy clients.
washing lots of bowls from the batch of tomatoes from the garden Cory canned earlier today.
excited to shoot the wedding we've got coming up next weekend. Pumped!
reading thumbing through my magazine subscriptions that pile up since I don't have time to read them.
laughing with clients during sessions is the best.
feeling so grateful that my biggest "problems" are good problems to have.
believing in ourselves.
loving what life is throwing at us right now!

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