Thursday, September 5, 2013

ten on 10, August

Oh, Hello September!  You are shaping up to be one of the busiest months, ever!
I suppose I should catch up on August before I get so far behind there's no looking back.
I kind of forgot about the whole ten picture thing on the tenth this month, but the 10th/11th fell on a weekend and since I've always got a camera handy, I was able to find ten images between the two days to make it work.

1. Lightning storms and fires seemed to be the main event for several days.  When a storm comes, we chase it down with our tripods.

2. This was one of the loudest storms I think I've ever seen, er heard.

3. Good morning from the garden.  The morning after all that rain is the best time to pull weeds.  These two were still working on waking up.

4. The morning light is great for taking pictures too!  Our veggies were just starting to set on.

5. Tomatoes  & cucumbers starting to grow out of control.

6. We dug up half of our taters.  I can't even describe how much better a home-grown potato is than store bought...mind blown the first time we grew them three years ago!

7. no caption necessary, love him ♥

8. Lunchtime...grilled chicken wraps with tzatziki made from our cukes, yum!  That orange cream soda hit the spot too.

9. My crazy little rose bush going for it's second bloom of the season.

10. Cory harvested some veggies...and grilled the squash to have with dinner.

Aaaand that's it!  So un-exciting, it was totally one of those "dog days of summer" weekends, and looking back it was kind of perfect.  Onto the craziness of September!

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