Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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I had started this post at the end of February (yikes!)...about a song that was gaining popularity at the time and back when some people may not have even heard it yet, but now it seems kind of old and you just can't get it out of your head, but I still kind of love it!

Whyyyy Cory was watching the Thrift Shop music video in it's entirety, I still haven't quite figured out, but what he found at the 3:33 minute mark blew my mind!  Seattle's Macklemore is in a Bayliner (on Lake Washington?) from Bob Feil Boats & Motors....effing*awesome!

There is a little yellow decal on the window that you would never know what it said unless you knew what the logo looked like.  I had Cory bring one of the vinyl decals home for reference...
And here's another shot, from inside the boat...
Too funny!  We have no idea where that boat came from or who's it is, just a total coincidence that Cory was clicking around on YouTube while eating his cereal in the morning.

My apologies for the explicit lyrics, but I know you just can't resist that catchy tune...

If you haven't seen the short film of their newest hit, check out that one as well.
A couple of noteworthy things...
-- the dog sledding part in the beginning was shot in Leavenworth, the hour before my mother-in-law went for a ride at the same place!
-- one of the directors is Jason Koenig, who was a couple years ahead of me in high school.
-- That pirate ship is rad!

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