Sunday, May 19, 2013

ten on 10, May

Over a week late again...please excuse me, May has been pretty jam-packed so far (and things aren't slowing down at all in June!)  This month, the tenth was on a Friday, here's what it looked like...

1. Cory walked into work holding a mason jar filled with peonies for me to enjoy for the day...and I did!

2. you should know that one of the items he loads into his pockets every morning is a pen, and that I have a "check your pockets before throwing them in the hamper" rule...

3. food bag, "to do" bag, dog bag & purse, cooler, clothes, and swimming gear...headed to Chelan for the night.

4. driving driving driving with the whiniest little doggie...he knew where he was going!

5. puppy dog nose prints and dead bugs on the windshield.

6. Lake Chelan ♥

7. Tucker and I paddled, Cory swam between buoys (he's training for a triathlon).  Then C & T went out for a paddle, and I noticed how bad I need a pedicure (sandal weather sure snuck up fast this season!)

8. We ate dinner, then built a fire and watched for shooting stars.

9. ...and hand-held one second exposures while throwing flaming sticks (and joked about how much fun this rather nerdy little experiment was).

10. ...and drank wine by the fire using flip flops as coasters...and enjoyed the peacefulness of the lake at the end of an unseasonable warm week.

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Pam said...

Love, love, love all your fabulous pictures and commentaries, well worth the wait! ♥ Me