Friday, March 8, 2013

Lake Chelan Winterfest

Since spring is upon us, I figure I'd better get these ice-cold photos posted before more time slips away from me!
I took these during Winterfest in Chelan back in January, while Cory was away for the weekend on a snowmobile trip.  I was lacking the motivation I needed to tackle my "things to get done while he's away" list, so I grabbed my camera and went to check it out.  Since he was off having fun, I figured I'd have a little too! 

There was ice carving (those guys are serious!), a slide made from ice, bonfires on street corners, lots of good food, and plenty of shopping to be had.  I would have liked to see the polar bear plunge and fireworks later in the evening, and there were some really great wineries participating in the wine walk...definitely marking our calendar for next year!

As I was driving home, I had to pull over at Chelan Falls to get a good view of the sunset. 
I tried to sneak closer to a gaggle of geese, but I spooked them off.
While I was driving up, I couldn't really believe that I was venturing out to do something like this by myself (so random!), but I ended up having a really great time, and it was so much better than procrastinating on my list.

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