Sunday, February 24, 2013

ten on 10, February

I'm a little late getting these posted, but did snap the shutter (at least) ten times back on the tenth of February. 
Here's what our day looked like...

1. A lazy morning, soaking up the sun while keeping an eye on the back yard, (such a ruff life!)

2. out running errands together, we stopped for a practice photo shoot at a park, always fun!

3. borrowed a dump trailer from a friend, and used the back-up camera on the truck to hitch up for the first time since it was installed, (sweetness!)

4. bulbs are starting to have no idea how happy this makes me!

5. We got a few things cleaned up around the yard, and loaded piles & piles of rock into the dump trailer.  It felt so good to get out and get a little dirty!

6. I repotted a house plant that had long outgrew it's old one, hoping it's happy in its new home.

7. One of his favorite things is to get chased around with his blankie...such a goof!

8. Every single one of these rocks has been hand-plucked out of our yard at some point over the last 4 years, and we still have more piles to get rid of!  This doesn't even do the pile justice.
9. I love it when you know it's time to go inside when it starts to cool off after the sun goes down.  We always seem work until it's dark enough for the sensor light on the patio to come on.
10. ...then come inside to get cleaned up, make dinner, and do some laundry (because it never ends, and we were too busy doing other things all day.)

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Anonymous said...

What a productive and peaceful day!
- Cari