Thursday, March 14, 2013

ten on 10, March

I'm back with another group of 10 shots from the tenth of the month, March edition.
We took a Sunday drive up Rock Island Grade, ran some stink off the dog, and did a good job dirtying up the truck.

1. he loooves to run! he's so fast!
    (love that all four paws are off the ground here)

2. three awesome things about this one...1) I spy greenery on it's way 2) I love the geology around here! 3) this was literally 10 minutes from our driveway, awesome!

3. me thru his lens: 7D, 8-15mm f/4

4. c thru my lens: 5DMKIII, 50mm f/1.2 (*we snapped both of these at the exact same moment)

5. we also had an old 20D converted to IR a long while ago...we blew off some dust and brought it along for fun too

6. somewhere out near Waterville...

7. dirt.ball. before getting a bath.

and a few from around the yard...
8. we are going to be eating strawberry-rhubarb pie in no time!

9. the weather has been so warm and pleasant this week, plants are waking up, and I'm hoping for some hydrangea blooms this season.

10. and my primroses are coming back!...I suppose I should clean them up a bit.

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