Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the best tomater sammich, evah!

Please, please, please do yourself a (don't walk) into the kitchen and make the dough for this
You can do it, a couple loafs of bread really isn't all that hard.
Let it rise, divide it into the loaf pans, let it rise a little more, then bake it until it's golden.

Slice off a few pieces and just enjoy it hot from the oven with a pat of butter...go ahead, I did!
After indulging, gather yourself and come back down to earth, then slice yourself off another piece. Stick it in the toaster on a low setting. We aren't toasting the bread, just getting it crispy enough on the outside to stand up to the tomatoes.
While that's toasting, run out to the garden and pick yourself a ripe tomater.
By the time you get back inside, your bread should be about toasty. Let the toast sit for a minute so it isn't so piping hot while you wash and slice the tomato.

Now slather some mayonnaise on your bread (the real stuff, please), a sprinkle of salt, and a crack of black pepper.

Lay your sliced tomato on the bread, slice in half, and scarf down.

Something about the still-warm-from-the-garden-tomato and it's juice + mayo + that little bit of salt & pepper, on that warm goodness, heaven on a plate! I could eat this for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

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bjoyb said...

i'm jealous... and hungry