Sunday, September 18, 2011

preserving the summer // beets

Since I overcame my fear of the pressure canner with the beans, beets were up next.
We planted two different types of beets this spring...LOTS of them! 
I picked (some of) them, lopped off the leafs, piled them in my basket, and hosed them down.
Into the stockpot they went to cook.
 Then the peeling and slicing...

...and packing.  Then the lids went on, and into the canner they went!
I had a small leakage problem, but they'll be fine.  I can't believe I didn't take a better picture than the one I took on my phone to send to show off to Cory before putting the jars in the pantry.

Yum, these will be really good to have during the winter.
I canned these a couple weeks ago and I think the garden is about ready for another batch, but I might pickle them next time (my favorite!) and of course I'll make at lease one batch of borscht in the next few weeks.

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