Saturday, October 2, 2010

sew, I made some things the other day....

I didn't take a good detailed picture of the finished product, but it's a quilted table runner. I pulled out some of my fave fabrics from my stash, cut 2-inch strips, sewed 'em all together, then added the border. Ran the whole thing with the batting through the sewing machine a few (ahem, several) times (this part seemed to take forever!), and attached the backing.
Here was my inspiration:

I also made a couple other little things that are part of a baby gift for a friend. The entire project isn't quite finished yet, so I'm not going to spill the beans before I give it to her.

Also, the soup! The roasted veggie minestrone I talked about making on my sick day...I didn't want to stand and chop all the veggies, and roast the zucchini & mushrooms (or crank my oven up to 500* for that matter), and peel & dice tomatoes (we came home to a plethora in the garden and I'd rather use fresh than canned) I didn't make the roasted veggie minestrone. I made cauliflower soup instead, which I've made before so I knew it was simple and delicious. And it was. And it hit the spot. And I made the roasted veggie minestrone two days later. And that was good too. I told Cory that I'm starting to feel a little bit like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

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