Sunday, October 10, 2010

photos at the fair

3 or 4 days before leaving on vacation for two weeks, we decided to enter some pictures in the Chelan County know, just for fun.

Because it would be fun to go through folders and folders of files to pick a few of our favorites, and it would be fun to edit them and order 12x18 and 16x20 inch prints, and it would be fun mount them on foam core...

to fill out the entry forms and to take them to the fairgrounds...

to find out the next day that we didn't win anything (which was fine), but we heard that the photos that did win certain categories weren't all that fabulous...

So instead of packing like we should have been doing Thursday night, we drove out to Cashmere, paid the fair admission to see what the judges thought were better.

I didn't see what they saw, but oh well.
I thought maybe we'd have a chance at the people's choice by the end of the weekend.

The people voted on "Busy Bee," which is the name of the photo I entered up there of the bee on the apple blossom. Hey! The people liked me!!
There was another photo titled "Busy Bee" (seriously, what are the chances?), and I'm not sure how they determined which "Busy Bee" photo was the winner, but it wasn't mine.

Oh well, we did still have fun!

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