Friday, February 12, 2010

weekend in pictures :: two weeks ago

it was the first weekend of the boat show, I went on a little adventure to Bellingham instead (which was soo much more fun!)
I went to Treasury of Memories for some goodies, and took some pictures with my new toy.

we are in the Wenatchee photo club, and the theme for the February meeting was "wet"...what better place than Bellingham to snap a few wet photos...

I worked my way back down to Seattle, doing lots of shopping along the way. I was finally able to hit this antique store in Mount Vernon that I've been eying for a while, just haven't had the chance to go inside.

And it was a good one...I found all kinds of little goodies and a new favorite pink pyrex bowl.
Cory and I went to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory, before meeting up with Lindsay & Derek for the rest of the evening.

Of course, we ended the night at Dick's.

oh how I love her!
a very fun weekend filled with all my fave people, indeed!


alissa said...

i love your new photo toy.
so fun!
my pic you gave me is sitting here on my desk in a little frog, too!
i've GOT to get mine ordered! :)
will miss you tomorrow.
i was kind of on a roll on saturdays.
ps. did you get the email about portland? ;)

tnt521 said...

Thank you for sharing your fun new toy! And it was so wonderful to see you!

Love your water photos...they are so beautiful! Hope to see you again soon!