Monday, February 15, 2010

another long weekend...

I decided to take Friday off from work, to make my weekend 4 days instead of 3 (President's Day...gotta love the banker's calendar - it's also national gumdrop day, I'll betcha' didn't know that!) Of course those 4 days have been packed, and we are feeling pretty beat, and I'm really not wanting to go back tomorrow.
Just a quick rundown of what we were up to...
:: Friday ::
Dust, vacuum, bathroom, laundry...all that fun household chore stuff
Bake champagne cupcakes for Valentine's day

Deliver cupcakes to the ladies at the bank with Cory, then a date to Lowe's.
Went to look at those Chevy Traverse car/suv/crossover know, the "big girl car"? Ended up falling in love with a brand spankin new pickup for the same price, and came so close to buying it. Seriously, I can't tell you how close...and then we thought about certain little things we'd have to change about our spending habits when we add a car payment into the budget, and we decided the truck we've got is just fine. Then we spent the whole rest of the weekend talking about how nice it would be to have a brand spankin new pickup.
Went out dinner with Brandon & Jayme, love them!
:: Saturday ::
Drive to Leavenworth in search of snow for Cory's cousin's senior pictures. We had taken most of her pictures back in September, but she also wanted a "winter wonderland" type photo...and since we never really got any huge dumps of snow this year that gave us a good opportunity, we thought we'd go seek it out before it got too late and all melted away.

I think it was too late, it was pretty melty and non-winter-wonderland-ish, so our hunt just turned into a nice Saturday drive (which would have been so much better in a brand spankin new pickup).
Yard work. Dig up crabgrass & boulders, rake debris, level out dirt. Move woodpile & split wood.
Mount our TV antenna on the house, finally! (it's been on this pole sticking out of the ground with rocks piled around it all this time).
:: Sunday ::
Yard work day II. Move more boulders, pick up sticks & branches and rake more debris into many piles around the yard to be taken to the dump. Wish we had a trailer available to us to just load everything into instead of moving it twice (oh well, we are one step closer, and we'll get a trailer this week). More wishing for a brand spankin new pickup to tow the trailer with.
Valentine's dinner at Dan & Sally's - delish!
:: Monday ::
Drive to Winthrop to snowmobile with Annie & Brian & Brian's dad.

The snow had a crust to it, and it seems like we spent a good amount of time digging and re-digging out one of the machines that just couldn't handle the powder under the crust.

Still super fun and good to see friends. Load the sleds back on the trailer, and visit around the fire for a bit before driving home again home again jiggity-jig (too bad it wasn't in a brand spankin new pickup, I'm sure it would have towed that trailer reeaal nice).
Oh, and we've been watching a bit of the Olympics in between.
Next weekend there will be more yard work...and the next...because the first weekend in March we've got an excavator coming to dig trenches for our irrigation lines, and then grate the front & back yard and make it nice & flat and ready to plant grass...and there is lots of prep work to do between now and excavator weekend.
We're exhausted, and I don't want to think about all that now.

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