Tuesday, February 2, 2010

random things

This post isn't going to have the photos from the weekend that I talked about yesterday, but I felt like I owe'd ya'll a little something. So a few things I've been meaning to talk about...

I'm not sure if I mentioned that my "jewelry tradition" piece for Christmas this year was a Lisa Leonard necklace. It looks a little something like this (except for the initials are m & c, of course)

Good job Cory! :)
I love it, and I'll take one of everything that she makes, please.

I also got the Anthropologie catalog over the weekend, and I'm loving this necklace

aren't you cute, pretty little bow.

and this photo...

I'm not so crazy about the belt, but the chicken pattern is pretty adorable, and I love love love the lacy back drop...will you please find your way to my dining room table?

ooh, I like this lace too...

Cory drove to Seattle today for more of the boat show, and Wiley's, and a tour of the Hyperlite factory with a friend and his brother. They left early this AM, and are on their way home right now, so I'm just sitting here waiting for them to get home, watching American Idol...
Wishful auditionist: "You've gotta be kidding me, I'm a great singer!"
Simon: "No, you're not."
You gotta love that show.

Speaking of singing, Michael Bublé is coming to the KeyArena April 3rd.

and I kind of want to go (especially since I got jipped out of going to the Olympics in Vancouver, and U2 in June). I'm just saying...

Alright, I've got a few things to get done with the rest of my night.
Maybe a weekend in photos later this week.


Julie said...

You should totally go see Mr. Buble. He rocks! :)

Anonymous said...

I think that Michael Bu? was on SNL last week, he was pretty good.