Sunday, January 3, 2010

We're home!

After a day of driving, 5 days of riding, and another day of driving...we are finally back home from Island Park!
And a fabulous time we had indeed.
I think we rode a little over 200 miles total. The trails had just a few bumps here & there (and everywhere!) And not quite as much snow as we are used to this time of year, but we got a good amount a couple of nights, so it was fun to play in the powder.

I needed the time away so very much. No internet was such a good thing. No email. No blogs. No facebook. Instead, I spent my time downloading all of the pictures from the day to the laptop and editing them a bit in Picasa (getting the color & contrast right on snowy pictures is the worst!) Between 5 people & 10 cameras, I felt like if I didn't stay on top of this daily, the picture organizing & editing process would have been more overwhelming. Which means I would have probably put it off until sometime next year (kind of like our pictures from the last trip). So, my goal was to stay on top of it, and I did, and I can happily file our photos in the 2009 section of the hard drive. A good feeling for the new year.

Now, off vacation-mode and back to reality...I've got things to do today!
  • pack Christmas decorations away (I really don't want to take the tree down, ours was so pretty this year)
  • loads & loads of laundry (5 or 6 piles/loads are scattered on the laundry room floor, from just the 2 of does that happen?)
  • finish editing snowmobiling pictures (I have like 10 more photos to go, seriously.)
  • pick out pictures from the 2009 archives for my 2010 Costco calendar (I've done one of these for the past 4 or 5 years, and slacked on getting it ordered this year...need to get that done!)
  • list of goals for the new year (I have my list just about complete, and if I post them here I will feel like I'm being held more accountable)
  • make dinner (trying more new recipes is one of the goals, and I'm starting tonight)
  • 2010 blog banner (because it says 2009 up there)
  • catch up on emails and favorite blogs, oh boy! (this morning, as I slumped onto the couch with the laptop with my mondo mug of coffee, I took a deep breath as I opened my email and google reader...I'll save that for later this evening)
Ok, I'm off to tackle that list!

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tnt521 said...

Are you taking part in Ali's word for the year challenge? Steve keeps teasing me cause I have changed mine about four times!

Happy New Year to you! Your card tied Carly's as our favorite in our Red Christmas book this be saved forever!