Sunday, January 10, 2010

one little word : make

Alright Ali, out a entire dictionary of words to pick from, I choose "make" as my one little word for 2010.
And I'm talking about more than just the creative make, (although I hope that 2010 is filled with lots of that too). I'm talking about the "do"ing and productive or prioritizing kind of make. But I didn't like the word do or productive (not inspiring enough), and prioritize seems like too much of a challenge and not as much fun.

make - time for each other
make - pretty things
make - memories
make - more time for prayer
make - the bed on more of a daily basis
make - more effort to keep in touch
make - new recipes
make - lists (one of my favorite things to do)
make - more scrapbook pages
make - the house tidy (eliminate piles)
make - stuff with fabric
make - sure the ironing pile doesn't pile up so bad
make - tasty treats for my sweetie
make - plans for the yard (to make trenches for irrigation, to make raised beds for a garden, to make a patio out of bricks...)

Many things to make in 2010.
I've also got my list of goals to get up here sometime soon too!

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tnt521 said...

Love your word lady! My word is "create" as in create the life I really want this year...and create pretty, fun stuff. We will see how things go!

Hope to see you in the New Year. There were some whisperings that you would be at the Christmas party...bummer!