Monday, November 30, 2009






Our Saturday was pretty jam packed, there were a lot more stops along the way, but these few photos pretty much sum our day up.

My apologies for such a long absence again. Just got busy doing everything else, and haven't made time for this little space.
I'm so excited for the Christmas season. Lots of fun little projects I want to finish. Key word, FINISH. I'm good at starting, but not finishing.
Hey, I realized today that I am almost done with my shopping. Yep, done...(almost.) Just a few more easy things, already picked out, just have to pick up. Then wrapping. I'm excited about the wrapping. I decided to go with kraft again this year, with fun colored ribbon inspired by Cosmo's Jolly by Golly (see spools above).
Ooh, and on that note...I was introduced to Eskimo Kisses, Joyride, & Merrymint in person on Saturday at Impress. Love. Love. Love!

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