Friday, December 4, 2009

For your Friday viewing pleasure

If you like the Muppets,
and you like Queen,
and have about 5 minutes to spare,
you should watch this:

Pretty cute. Some parts get a little carried away, but still cute how they used the characters.

Happy Friday!

I'm feeling the urge to deep clean, & organize piles that have been building around the house, and then dig out the Christmas decorations this weekend. Along with several other "must do" items on my list. We'll see how productive I am...


Julie said...

I saw this the other day...loved it. Especially Animal's part. I wondered how they would 'Muppetize' that. :) Too cute!

kemarias said...

fun video!

Melissa said...

You're always productive! I'm so jealous - wish I had an ounce of your energy for household doings...