Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good Morning, Sunday

Why is it that when you stay up late on the weekends, and you reeaally want to sleep in the next can't? There you lay, wide awake, before the alarm would usually go off during the week. And then when it's time to get up and go to work during the week, it seems almost impossible to make yourself get out of bed in the morning.
That was the case for me this morning. Again. Just like it is every weekend. And I can guarantee I will hit the snooze at least 4 times tomorrow morning.
Up & at 'em! That's what my Mom would always say when she'd try to get me up for school (my getting-out-of-bed-in-the-morning problem goes way back...she used to say I'd sleep through world war 3.) Since I was awake, I thought I'd get a start on my day. So I made French Breakfast Puffs for breakfast. Thank you Pioneer Woman, they are delightful (trying not to drop cinnamon & sugar on the keyboard.)

Then onto the mess of websites that has been slowly growing on the computer all week (there's just so many good things to look at!)

How cute is this apple?

How funny is this necklace?

How clever are these pillows?!

How spiffy is this clock?

1000 Awesome Things...this is a pretty awesome list!
I am the master at #665! :)

I came across a pretty neat project via hula seventy...52 strangers. What a beautiful project. I don't think I could walk up to a stranger and ask if I could take their picture, all up close & personal. Maybe one for the back burner.

I've had my eye on Elsie Blaha's custom journals for quite some time, just never wanting to dig through pictures to choose the ones I would love love love to see on my cover. But I will. Sometime. Looks like she does an excellent job, and I can always use another journal to fill with lists.

D aily drop cap has been floating around the interweb for some time now, and really I'm just putting it in here because I wanted to test it out. Pretty neat, eh?

Made Ali's mac & cheese the other night...delish! I think the leftovers were even better, after it had time to sit and get happy for a while.

I totally have a thing for Christmas stockings. I see all kinds, all over the place, and I want to make them. Of course, I don't, because I would have quite the collection of stockings, and displaying might be an issue. And I would probably require that they are all filled Christmas morning...and Cory probably wouldn't like that very much. I love the idea of using old sweaters, although I would choose to do mine a little differently...good inspiration.

And for some more holiday crafts I wish I had time for...
This morning (when I woke up so early) I looked outside and saw snow on the low hills around us, now the sun is beginning to peek out, but I'm still loving this rainy picture today.

We're off to the Festival of Trees (why they have it before Thanksgiving, I do not know - but I'm not missing it!). And then to see Ped, a 7 foot long bronze foot...some new art down at a park that I've been wanting to go visit. (In other words, avoiding watching the Seahawks get creamed.)
Happy Sunday to you!

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