Tuesday, November 17, 2009

oh, Martha...

I know it may be a tad bit early for some, but if you need a little holiday inspiration...head on over to Martha's Christmas workshop. So many cuuute things! Also, check out the craft-of-the day. Makes me want to decorate (but not for a few more weeks) and make all kinds of pretty things.

felt snowflake coasters

yarn wrapping ribbon

cupcake paper carnations

zipper flowers, seriously.

lump of coal boxes, ha!

hand made wood grain wrapping.

Enough for now! Have a good rest of the week!


tnt521 said...

Wow! Love it all...esp. the lump of coal boxes! And those zipper flowers! In my new Country Living there is an etsy seller that makes the little acorns that you are making into little bitty ornaments. Is that what you are doing with yours?


alissa said...

oh no! more DIY holiday inspiration! LOL!

i love it all! good stuff.