Sunday, November 15, 2009

there's something about Sundays...

where I can sit in front of the computer while Cory sleeps in and waste the entire morning away looking at foodie blogs. I usually end up with tons of cookie & cupcake recipes for some reason :)

The other day, I did get my flag picture.

*Note to self: take mondo flag pictures on a windier day, and bring your wide angle lens.

And I'm close to finishing my yarn wrapped wreath & felted acorn project.

Wrapping the yarn was a lot longer process than I was anticipating, I think it took about 2 & a half hours the other night, but I'm super pleased with the outcome. I have a blue birdie that will make it's nest somewhere on the wreath, with the acorns around it, and a pretty velvety type bow at the top (that I have yet to find).
Even thought it doesn't make for very decent photographs, I love that winter sun that streams through the windows in the morning.

Well, Cory's up now, and he just delivered my morning jug of coffee. I'm going to sip this down, then get to work on my Sunday chores, then I'll probably bake something.

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