Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thinking out loud about our schedule...

Heading out tonight (I really should be using my lunch to pack).
Puyallup Fair tomorrow. (PTO, yes!)
WSU tailgating & football game @ Qwest Field on Saturday.
Recover & drive home Sunday.
(Hopefully hit the outlet mall in North Bend.)
Work, work, work, all week long.
...except for half day on Thursday.
oh, and my ballet class starts on Wednesday!
Work Saturday.
Yard work the rest of the weekend.
I got my schedule arranged so we could make it to Pearl Jam, woohoo!
Drive to Seattle Tuesday afternoon.
Drive back and be at work by 10:45 Wednesday.
Ballet class that night.
Leave from work Friday for Spokane.
Priest Lake Saturday.
Recover & drive home Sunday.
The following weekend is October already.
I'm already tired, whew!

And since I'm not fully ready to kiss summer goodbye, I'm really enjoying this picture (found on Etsy somewhere, just don't recall where...)

Ah relaxing, when my mind is buzzing with all our plans.

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