Thursday, September 3, 2009

cameras, cameras...

Last night, we were sitting in the computer/scrap room, visiting our most favorite blogs & websites on the interweb. Me on the main PC computer (in the comfy chair), and Cory on my new laptop (in the not-as-comfy chair), he turns and says to me, "oh honey...there's a new camera out. 7D for me!"

He reads on, and mumbles to himself, "man, I need this..." and continues to ramble off certain highlights about the features.

I think it's his turn for new camera equipment, and an upgrade from his good ol' 20D is next on the list and much deserved. Not quite sure about that much of an upgrade though. Ironic timing since we got a follow-up letter from our insurance company yesterday asking if we were interested in the quote they did for us a month or two ago to cover all our camera stuffs.

Aren't they cute together?
Think about it...we had to have another camera with us to take this picture...

No cameras in the *near* future, but the list always goes on:
  • macro lens for me (no idea which one)
  • upgrade my 50mm f/1.8 to a 50mm f1.2L (yummy!)
  • we have an external flash (and hardly ever use it), but he wants to upgrade that as well.
    **edit** I was just informed that we're fine with the flash we have (thank goodness.)
  • and eventually I'll probably need a new camera body too (I love love my Rebel XTi, and can't imagine a different camera right now), but eventually.
  • probably some more other random lenses to add to the collection...
A camera & a tripod would have been cool to have out at 5:00am this morning with the thunder & lightening we had that rumbled the valley and lit up the bedroom. I guess that's what you get when you go from a 90 degree day to a 70 degree day (and it felt oh, so good). Very cool storm, but very not-cool that it was 5:00am. I think I was finally able to drift back off to sleep for a good 15 minutes before my alarm went off.
I don't like early mornings.
Need to catch up on my Zzzz's.

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