Tuesday, September 1, 2009

oh, sweet weekend

The boys returned home last Thursday night with 150 #'s of salmon.

I didn't get as many items crossed off my to do while Cory's away list as I was hoping, but I was pretty productive. I think I just had too high of an expectation for myself. Yeah, that's it.
One of my items was to craft a welcome home banner. You know those trendy fabric pendant ones? Lots of inspiration from Etsy (jump up and down, giggleberry, and nestables have some of my faves...such pretty fabrics!)
I did cross that off my list...

(painting the house is on our fall list of things to do, when it's not quite so hot.)

Thanks to Sally, and the Junkyard Gypsy in Cashmere, the hutch hunt is over (thank you, thank you!) Now we have sanding & painting to do. Sorry happy dancing couple and moon-friend, you are going away.

This past weekend we had a surprise visitor on Friday night!

He was tired and wanting to go to bed, and didn't want to be part of my picture. He left Saturday afternoon. A short, but sweet visit.

The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy, even took a nap on Sunday. We did buy a new sander and cut cedar planks for salmon. We thought we'd try cutting a piece of untreated cedar fencing for a buck-fifty from Lowe's and see how that works.

I also scored a set of lockers. Yes, lockers. You know, the square kind like you have in gym class? Scrapbook storage. They are just shy of 12x12, bummer. They still work great for tools & embellishments & such!
Still working on getting everything in it's place, I have some organizing to do! Happy first day of September!

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Julie said...

LOVE the banner...LOVE the hutch...jealous over the lockers! :)