Saturday, September 5, 2009

Today was a really good day.

Cory got to sleep in.

I went to work for a few hours. It was slow, so we looked at magazines.
He worked in the back yard pulling crabgrass.

Found a punkin growing in the garden...and it's a good size! Can't wait to harvest & carve it for Halloween.

The college football season kicked off. Good start WSU...ha!

Got my boater safety card in the mail. Now I'm officially licensed to operate a powerboat with a motor of 15 horsepower or greater, woo!

Treated to lunch at Taco Bell (sometimes, I crave that place), and it was so good!

Then I was dropped off at Craft Warehouse. I had a 40% off coupon and knew the item I wanted to get...but ended up with a couple other goodies as well (of course!)

Onto Target for a couple random Target items.

Since I got to go to a few places I wanted to go, I only thought it was fair to let Cory stop at Hastings (a local book, music, & video store...kind of like a small town Barnes & Noble I guess), and he got a new bluray, Gran Torino.
And I spotted a pretty awesome magnet...he was embarrassed, but I made him take a picture anyway.

"...than a squirrel turd" - ha!!

And then a stop at Prospector Liquidation (a gem of a place!) for some blue planters for the garden. We have a blue theme going on in the yard. Err, will have a blue theme going on...and I've been eying these pretties for a while, plus they were on sale, so I was able to get three!

We came home and did a little work in the front yard. Raking dirt, pulling roots & weeds, and raking more dirt.

Made dinner. Cedar plank salmon on our cheap fencing cedar from Lowes. It was delicious. Cory cut & sanded the wood last weekend, then let it get good & dried out in the sun. Before grilling, soak in sink (so it doesn't catch on fire, we did ours for a little over 2 hours), season wood with olive oil. Add salmon & seasonings (we did lemon pepper with lemon wedges on top). Grill. Enjoy!

Now I'm on my laptop, and Cory is on the PC (yes, in the comfy chair). Justin is back again this weekend...sleeping on the couch.
No idea what's in store for us for the rest of the weekend, but I'm sure it will be good.
Have a great rest of your Labor Day weekend!

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