Monday, September 21, 2009

bleh...trying to look at the bright side of things.

I sadly pulled crabgrass in the back yard for what seemed like the entire day on Sunday. Pretty much grieved the loss of one of the greatest places on earth (and made my legs extremely sore).
Wasn't quite sure what to do with myself.
I couldn't sleep the night I got the news.
I've only been to Bellingham to visit this happy place a handful of times in the past year, but I still feel so close.
A friend (someone who always puts a smile on my face) came over with a big piece of machinery to help us dig a gigantic hole for gutter drainage, and when he left he told me to "cheer up." Eeek, was I really in that bad of a mood? I guess this is affecting me more than I thought it was.
I busted out a very special (one of my most favorite wedding gifts), album with a page from each one of the TOM girls, for review.

You should have seen me when I opened that box...there were waterworks! So much love put inside that book.
I feel so lucky to be just a small part of such an amazing place, even for just a short amount of time. I will Treasure the Memories (ha cheesy, I know...but Elizabeth is all about the cheese!)

Ok, happy thoughts...happy thoughts...
My day was a little better today, I'm trying to look at the bright side of things...
** Cory brought me a coffee at work this afternoon (it was much needed, and he didn't even know it)
** the guy stocking the dollar bins with new goodies at Target was extremely pleasant...and new goodies for $1 are always good!
** picked up the new Pearl Jam CD - released yesterday, concert tomorrow!
** talked to my bestest friend in the whole wide world about moving back to Seattle from Denver! (yes seriously, she'll be a Seattleite again in about 4 weeks!)
** new season DWTS starts tonight.
** looking forward to Pearl Jam tomorrow night, and enjoying some Dick's cheeseburgers! (not looking forward to work the next day)
** looking forward to Priest Lake with friends this weekend.
** looking forward to a visit with Amber, Jim, and almost-one-year-old baby Landon on Sunday.
** looking forward to my custom order of "TOM girl goodness" hand picked by Alisssa (thank you, thank you!)


Jim, Amber & Landon said...

I am excited too!! Can't wait!!

Melissa said...

What, what, what?!? She's moving back? I'm always the last to know :P Hopefully we can all hang out before I move away in 1 month! Ah, timing...

Buck up, little camper!