Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm a bad blogger.

It's friday, and I didn't want the weekend to come before sharing those fair photos I teased about earlier this week...but that didn't happen.
Too bad. So sad. Hello Weekend!
I had the afternoon off from work yesterday, and I had this big long ambitious list of things to get done with the rest of my day...and then I fell asleep on the couch. Didn't get anything done, but my nap felt oh so goood.

Instead of photos, here are some random tidbits for the weekend...

With winter upon us, these knitted pillows found at poppytalk look extra cozy.

I really REALLY want a big ampersand.
Not quite sure where I'd put it, but I want one.

Have you seen Glee?

...we're hooked!
And we can't wait for the new season of DWTS to start on Monday!

If beat boxing is your thing, watch this. Or just watch it anyway, its pretty entertaining...just don't get inspired to try it yourself with other people around.

Hey, and did you know...
lollipop is the longest word typed with the right hand.
stewardesses is the longest word typed with the left hand.
typewriter is the longest word using only one row of letters on the keyboard.

I'll be working tomorrow, then we are finally doing that senior portrait photoshoot we've been waiting for. Should be fun!

Have a happy weekend!

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Jim, Amber & Landon said...

OMG!! We are hooked on Glee too!! Love it!