Wednesday, September 23, 2009


2:47pm // pull out of driveway, Seattle bound.
6:39pm // relax & people watch by the fountain at Seattle Center, waiting for the doors to open.

7:04pm // doors open, we enter, find nearest bathroom, stand in line for tshirt (now selling for $199 on ebay!)

7:22pm // pay $35 for shirt, plus get another for the guy at the end of the line who asked me to get an extra for him for $40 so he wouldn't have to wait (the extra 5 bucks went toward my $8 beer)
7:30pm // opening act, Ben Harper & Relentless7
8:46pm // Pearl Jam jammed (lots of songs off their new album)

(loved the typewriter keys on their backdrop!)
11:02pm // the show must come to an end.

(yes, we were in the back up at the top in the nosebleed section...
that's what we get for deciding to take this crazy trip about a weekandahalf ago)

11:33pm // walk across the street to Dick's...wait in line.
11:52pm // enjoy cheeseburgers & greasy fries, contemplate driving home early in the am as planned...or hit the road tonight.
12:06am // in the truck, navigating our way to I-90
2:27am // backing into the driveway...home again, home again, jiggidy-jig!

Today was a long day at work.
And then I had my ballet class.
Now I am going to bed.
Tomorrow we pack for Priest Lake.
Friday we drive to Spokane, then Priest Lake...another long (but fun) weekend awaits us!

I need to change my banner up there...summer is officially over, I know.
And I still owe you fair pics.
I'm in the process of editing Ashley's senior pics as well.
Give me a break!

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