Saturday, July 25, 2009

Class of 1999

Today is Cory's 10 year high school reunion.
I'd like to share his high school yearbook picture with you, but he was on the yearbook staff and put some lame double exposed picture of him playing foosball in his spot. So the next best thing I could do was to dig through the archives of pictures on his hard drive. I found the "1999" folder, and picked the best one.
It made me laugh...Mr. 18-year-old, looking so cool.

I'm sure he's going to LOVE me for this! (love you, honey!)
I think this photo was taken at Red Robin, hence the frames in the background. One thing that I noticed right away was the image quality (I had to do a little editing), and how much technology has changed in the past 10 years, wow!
We're off to the "daytime family event" at Rocky Reach Dam...then hitting the water for the rest of the day with a couple of his friends that are in town.

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Gary said...

That was fun the night we did the double exposure. Cory was always more creative than me with picture ideas. What was weird is we had to wait till Cory developed the film to see if they turned out at all. It was a lot more work than just looking at the back of the camera!