Sunday, July 26, 2009


We had lots of fun yesterday out on the water. The reunion part...not as much.
Cory went to run a quick errand this morning, so I'm clicking around on our "digital packrat" computer :) Came across a folder he must have made titled "honeymoon travel pics" - I think he had started to pick a few of his favorites. I don't think I shared any pictures from our Mediterranean adventure. I had big plans for a post everyday, talking about what we did for 14 days...but that never happened. So here are a few of Cory's favorite I suppose:

The other day he asked me, "if you could have anything in the world right at this moment, what would it be?" My answer was, "to travel."
Looking back at these makes me want to even more.
Traveling to Lake Chelan will have to be good enough for today.
Happy Sunday :)

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