Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gardening with Martha

This weekend was another "kick the yard in the butt" weekend. We had another excavator. Leveled out the front yard, tore up the back yard, got rid of more roots, took down the last tree (we only have one left standing, and we're keeping it), and moved more big rocks.
Cory drove it. Or, operated I should say...

He was concentrating really hard.
We also got up 2 sheets of drywall in the garage, and it looks oh-so-much mo-betta. We were reminded that completing a project is more than just the one project, because there are a whole lot of little projects that come up along the way. Also, drywalling turns out to be a little bit more challenging than it looks.
The yard though. The yard!
It is so exciting to see that we are getting there. Slowly but surely, we are getting there. Next is cleanup of the last fallen tree, and removal of all the crabgrass. Nasty nasty stuff, that crabgrass. Then maybe we can think about irrigation. But not before it gets leveled...and grated...and we take out more of those smaller golf ball to softball sized rocks...then maybe we can think about irrigation!
...whatever, we're getting closer.
And it's fun to think about gardening and what we are going to plant where.
Apartment Therapy had a link to 60 DIYable garden ideas over at Martha Stewart's site...I checked it out.
I thought this was a sweet idea, living in the "apple capital" and all...

And the brick that it's sitting on makes me excited for the plans for a brick path from the back door to the patio that is in our future...after the irrigation is put in, of course.
The idea of a teared hanging basket is adorable...but I would fill mine with pretty flowers. And I like that it uses an item from another part of the house in a different way. LOVE repurposed stuff.

The smell of lilacs in the spring makes me happy...they are in our future plans as well. Martha has good info on Lilacs I'll have to try to remember about later.

Oh, and hydrangea too.

That Martha...I'm feeling very inspired for our pile of dirt.

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