Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday randoms.

Ah, so nice to get to sleep in this morning! Here are a few randoms...

Loving this post on tuna.

Purex laundry sheets, brilliant!

Louise Nadeau is saying goodbye to PNB after 19 years. Next to Patricia Barker, she was me and my mama's favorite.

I saw some of the new Cherry Hill from October Afternoon on a blog a few weeks ago...I told myself I NEED to get me some of that! I was so delighted when I walked into this little scrapbook store in Chelan last weekend and saw it on an endcap.

Aren't these pillow cases adorable?

Yesterday we got the birdhouse from last weekend finished, and built a potting bench for me (I'll share photos later) instead of getting the gutters put up.
Right now Cory is buzzing around the back yard with the lawn mower...kicking up dust & taming the weeds. I'm gonna make some eggs benedict (I've been craving!) for breakfast when he's done, and then we're headed off to play.
Have a rad rest of the weekend!

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