Tuesday, May 26, 2009

weekend recap.

Friday night.
Date night @ Lowe's.
We were loading lumber as they were closing at 10:00.

Sleep in.
Finished assembling birdhouse from last weekend.

All the wood is from that old deck/dock thing I was talking about. I spray painted the roof a fun teal. And picked up the doorknob, #2, & hinge accessories from Earth Wise Salvage for about ten bucks! We'll see if the birdies like it.
Then we built me a custom potting bench.
I had been looking at a bunch of different ideas for a while now, and finally figured out how I wanted to do mine.

So nice to have a place to organize all my stuff.

Cory mowed the weeds, then we went to play at my cousin's.

**this is where the wedding was that we met at :)

We drove out to Quincy in the morning to meet Mr. Baron, making a visit from the Portland area.

He's 4 &a half months old, and he just might have a little bit of Crimson in his blood.
Then back to Wenatchee for some wakeboarding. The water was a whole 4 degrees warmer than last week...53! I happily sat and observed from the boat. Didn't even think about bringing my wetsuit.

This was Brandon's first run of the season. He said he wasn't going to try anything crazy...looks like he's going pretty big to me.
We got off the water, helped him put the boat away, then had dinner with Cory's fam.

Hit snooze button x3...back to work.

Next weekend we'll be playing all over the Washington Coast for our anniversary/my birthday...I'm super excited!


alissa said...

are you going to stop in to see us? :)

happy almost anniversary and birthday!


alissa said...

happy almost anniversary and birthday! are you going to come see us?