Sunday, April 26, 2009

a sign of life.

Yesterday Cory had to go into the shop to help with a yard sale they were having...that left me home alone. I did all those chores I've been putting off for so long because "we've been too busy" (even though that is a valid excuse!) You should see all the things I crossed of my list! :) Like making a new blog header...I had to take a break from cleaning, and I figured I'd show a sign of life for those that check this thing daily and have been disappointed for the last couple weeks.

Not a whole lot gong on to update ya'll on, but last weekend was exciting...
Cory went to Las Vegas with a dozen other guys for Tyler's bachelor party. They partied true "bachelor-party-in-Vegas-style." The wedding is in 2 weeks...and Cory's wearing a tux!
Meanwhile, I went to Bellingham for 20 hours of cropping Friday night through Saturday. I was reminded how much I miss Treasury, and especially all those TOM Girls. The rest of the weekend I got to hang out with Annie, Brian & Bear. Sunday evening I picked up a couple of hungover boys from the airport, and drove home.
A long weekend it was, with lots of driving for me...but so totally worth it.

And because a post without pictures is no fun, I finally made some pretty curtains for my laundry room (something else I got to happily cross off my list) the other night.

Oh, and that's vinyl on the cabinet (thanks, E!). The bottom part says "...for same day service, do it yourself."

There are still quite a few things on my list that I plan on crossing off today before going to visit my cousins.


Alissa said...

i love that your cupboard has different knobs. :)


ps we miss you, too. :)

Jim, Amber & Landon said...

Love the curtains!

Anonymous said...

Who would have ever thought when we saw that room a year and a half ago that it would look so great!!!
Michelle, you just make the world a better place, it looks so nice and I like the saying...I think I will get one like that!

tnt521 said...

Your vinyl looks gorgeous up there! Loved getting to see you! But now I miss you more again! Maybe we'll come bug you this summer!