Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday, Monday

Monday is always busy for me. Lots of deposits to process from over the weekend. I always try to get all that stuff done by it didn't happen. Seemed like I had to deal with a bunch of random things that consumed my entire day...then suddenly it was time to balance out and go home. Thats ok. Things can wait for tomorrow.
After a stop at the grocery store, I realized that I had forgot the one item I needed for dinner. Ugh! But when I walked around the corner, I saw these...and my day got a little better.

mmm, I love the smell of lilacs :)
Then we decided we'd go to "Grant Road Mexican" (our favorite!), and my day got even better.
Now I've got a happy tummy, and Dancing is on in a few minutes...and I made a killer batch of chocolate chip cookies the other day, that I might get into a little bit later :) ...should be a good evening.

As far as the rest of the weekend, I got just about everything crossed off my list. Even did a little work/boulder removal in the garden. Haven't planted anything quite yet (that'll be next weekend), but we did get the irrigation in place, so it's all ready to go.
Right now it's monsooning outside (just getting that garden nice & prepped for planting, I think) and thundering (I love thunder). The raindrops sound real cool on the metal roof. And since we don't have gutters (well we do, they are just in the garage waiting to be put up...another "to do" on the list), you should see what the runoff is doing to the ground below.

Dancing & cookies are calling!

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