Wednesday, March 4, 2009

we're back!

And all in one piece...with a few bumps & bruises.
I fell off my machine just messing around on the last day.
Cory managed to capture my graceful-ness.

Notice how flat it is...
I've got a couple of nice bruises on my legs, and my right shoulder/arm hurts, but I'm ok. I just hobble around for now.
A video recap of the trip is in the works. I'm still messing with how to cut clips and do sound stuff.

On another note...Brad Paisley was awesome!

We missed the season finale of the Bachelor on Monday night because of all the channels we got in Island Park, ABC was not one of them. So I've been trying real hard not to stumble across the results. We're watching it online tonight.
On the laptop, because our computer doesn't want to start up for some reason.
Stupid computer.
I say we should just go buy a Dell and be done with it.
No computer access also means my p365 photos are delaying upload since they are sitting on the desktop of the PC.
Here's my photo for today:

There is a mountain of laundry that needs washing, and dinner that needs cooking. Then it's Bachelor time :)

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