Wednesday, February 25, 2009

hello again.

So I had a blog post half-written and photos uploaded last week after our snowmobile expedition on President's Day...but I just never got around to finishing & posting it.

To sum it up:
We decided we should take this snowmobile that Cory's been working on the engine for out for a spin before hauling it 640 miles to Island Park, Idaho where we go snowmobiling. Also, the idea of going snowmobiling on my day off, after it had snowed quite a bit sounded like fun.
Off we go after getting everything together.
We get to the trail head, unloaded the sleds, got all geared up, and started on our journey.
I was riding said rebuilt snowmobile because the other one we had was bigger/faster/I didn't want to ride it.
After about a half mile, I noticed that something just wasn't right with the way that thing was running. I stopped. Cory tested it out. Said "yep, something is wrong."
We turned around, and rode back to the truck.
Good thing we didn't haul that thing all the way down to Island Park to find out one of the pistons seized.
This photo was taken post-semi-break-down, we still had a good time.

Here's Cory loading the sleds back on the trailer, so sad.

Anyway, now it's fixed, and we're takin that think to IP this weekend.
Tomorrow, we're driving to Spokane to visit with some friends & see Brad Paisley {I can't tell you how excited I am!} Then we're driving to IP on Friday. Riding Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Driving back home Tuesday. Back to work Wednesday. Hopefully we don't have any more break downs {including the radiator that was replaced in Cory's truck today...}

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