Thursday, December 18, 2008

pausing for a moment...

It's been a hectic week, and I got some sad news last Saturday.
We got Oz 14 years ago when I was in 4th grade, now he is resting in Doggie Heaven.
I was up that night at 3:30am, couldn't sleep, so I journaled.

And I think this is my all time favorite picture of him, loving one of his newborn puppies.
I took it for photography class in high school with film I had rolled then processed. This is a scan of the crappy print I made...I'll have to dig out the negative some day to make a better copy, but for now this'll do.

Love you BuckBuck! ♥


Melissa said...

How sad! He had a good life. I'm sorry for your loss. Sadie sends kisses!

Anonymous said...

DBL. Ditto! He was my once in a lifetime dog, companion, friend, hunting partner,and so much more. He would have done anything for me. He was a lucky dog to have had such a careing and loving family, and to have lead such a long and adventurous life, he is greatly missed. Signed, Oz's Master.

Nathan said...

Michelle that is a really neat picture. Nate and I are both sorry for your loss, but we both thought this was a really neat way to remember him.

Julie said...

Oh Michelle...I'm so sorry to hear that. What a beautiful dog...and that's a great picture!