Saturday, December 13, 2008

long time, no blog.

I know I've been MIA for a while...I apologize.
It's always so hard to break the ice and get back into the blogging world after being gone for so I guess I'll just give y'all a random little update.

Remember that entire Feil family photo we took a while ago?
Well, here it is:

And also that apple ice cream we made?

It turned out really good. We used pink ladies & grannies, and it was really apple-y, and really nummy with caramel sauce :)
The next week I tried out this candy apple pie recipe. It's basically apple pie, in a graham cracker crust, with cheesecake filling...topped with whipped cream and more of that caramel sauce. So naughty.

During Apple Cup weekend, the Festival of Trees was going on. Lucky for me, we don't get whatever channel the game was on, so Cory got to come with me to look at the trees and do a little shopping at all the little shops that I love along Wenatchee Ave.
There was a WSU tree:

...and on a WSU note* I would just like to say that the Cougars didn't beat the Huskies, they just didn't lose.
KeyBank sponsored a tree, the theme was "On the River & Through the Woods"...and I would say it was very woodsy.

{yes, I did support those Cougars}

We had it at our house.

and I got to use our pretty new china.

I even had a little time to make a thankful page...

I'm trying to find some more time to scrap...
the other day I did, here's what I made:

And other random stuff...
  • we had our KeyBank customer appreciation open house the other night, and we have the best clients.
  • It snowed yesterday and through the night, and is starting to again right now. It's about time that white stuff finally came! Having a blanket of white in the back yard makes it look not-so-ugly.
  • Tomorrow, we are going to hunt for our Christmas tree. Yes, in the snow...should be interesting.
  • I also hope to bake some cookies this weekend. I can't believe Christmas is less that 2 weeks away. I'm pretty-much done with the shopping, now I gotta wrap! This years theme is kraft paper :)
  • oh, and I'm trying to journal everyday for my December Daily. I'm not doing a super-cute, full-of-sweet-embellishments album. For now, I'm just focused on the journaling, and I'll be lucky to punch some holes in a few 3x5 cards and call it good. Actually, I do have plans for a mini...just not too elaborate.
Have an awesome weekend!
Hopefully you'll hear from me again sooner, rather than later.

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Ozecar Ognib Ghost, Aug. 15,2004, Dec.13, 2008. He is gone. He will be missed.