Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas, Christmas...

We went "Christmas treeing" last Sunday.
Here's the one we found {the one with no snow back there}:

I helped with the saw :)
We got it home and watched Christmas Vacation while trimming it.

I didn't really want my picture taken, so I hid.
And I haven't taken a good picture of it all pretty & decorated yet, sorry.

In other's friggin FREEZING over here Mr. Bigglesworth!
Yesterday morning it was -4° when we woke up, and the high for the day was 9°. We went with some friends up to Leavenworth to watch the tree lighting last night...good idea when its 4° and snowing. We quickly got inside and had a bite to eat, then drove home.
I did have time to pose with Mr. Bear in his lederhosen.

It's still snowing, it has been all day. I'm not quite sure how many inches are piled up out there, but it sure is pretty, and it really doesn't make me want to go to work tomorrow.
Tonight, we are headed back to Leavenorth with Cory's parents to see A Christmas Carol...should be fun & festive!

Since I've been cooped up inside, here are some interactive Christmas websites I've been playing with:
decorate a cookie
cut a snowflake
decorate a gingerbread's the one I made:

I hope everyone is staying warm!

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Julie said...

Your Mr. Bigglesworth reference made my day.